What are the Benefits of PRP Hair Treatment?

Thinning hair and receding hairline can alter your facial appearance. It makes your face appear larger and older. You can correct this with PRP hair Treatment. It is a hair therapy that takes a few weeks to a few months to realize optimal results.

When you set out to look for hair treatment, you should assess the benefits and the risks. In this write-up, we will look for the benefits of PRP hair treatment in detail.

PRP Brief

PRP involves injecting plasma-rich platelets into the scalp. The PRP is extracted from the scalp- the doctor gets the PRB by separating blood components then concentrating the platelets to a small section of plasma. Thus, the plasma is rich in platelets and protein.

PRP has loads of benefits. You witness the hair growth increase one month after the treatment- You will need more than one therapy session for optimum results. Ensure you treat the cause of your hair loss- if it’s treatable. It saves you a lifetime of PRP therapies.

PRP Benefits

Several benefits accompany PRP therapy. It would surprise you how natural the result would be. Have a before and after selfie to compare your facial appearance. The first thing you would notice is that your face appears younger when you have fuller and healthier hair. Below are the detailed benefits of PRP hair treatment in Los Angeles.

The Doctor Uses Your Blood to Prepare PRP

One of the top benefits is the doctor using your blood to prepare PRP. the doctor will separate blood components in the brief above. Your blood will pose no risks to you. You will not need to look for a PRP donor. Thus, it helps you get the treatment faster and at a cheaper cost than when you need a donor.

It is Affordable

PRP hair treatment in Los Angeles is affordable when compared to other hair treatment methods. For instance, hair transplant is the most expensive hair treatment method. PRP costs a fraction of hair transplant costs.

When you compare PRP and topical treatments and pills’ effectiveness, you will consider topping up your budget for PRP. The budget difference is slight, yet the results are worlds apart. You will need a lifetime use of topical treatments and pills to see a noticeable change in your hair density.

The results are guaranteed

PRP uses the body’s natural healing process. When all your body cells are healthy, the result is a healthy self. Your hair and skin will speak for you.

PEP helps to revive the dormant hair follicles. It helps by healing the worn-out cells on and around the hair follicles. Also, it helps to increase the blood circulation on the scalp. The process ensures that your hair receives enough nutrients.
PRP also helps in the production of collagen and keratin. They help in the growth of healthy hair and keep the skin young. Thus, your face and scalp will retain their youthful grace longer.

There’s No Healing Downtime

Hair transplant- which is known as the best treatment method has a 2-week downtime. You will need about 14 days to heal the scalp. However, in PRP therapy, it is like taking the normal injections from a doctor. You will need at most 20 injections distributed evenly on the scalp. Thus, it will take only a day for the incisions to heal. A hair transplant takes longer since the incisions are in hundreds or thousands.

It is Non-Surgical

Many patients fear surgery. That’s why they are running for PRP hair treatment in Los Angeles. Since it does not involve surgery, It has a shorter healing period. Also, it’s painless and would not need anesthesia. Thus, it saves you from post-anesthesia effects. The whole process includes needles and syringes.

The process has minor discomforts. You can equate the method to routine doctor visits where they draw the blood for examination. Thus, you do not develop tension when you think of your hair treatment.

It is Non-Scarring

You do not get any scar from PRP. Thus, you have confidence you can wear any hairstyle. A scar can cause more damage to esteem than hair loss would. Besides hair, you can have PRP treatment on other body parts not covered with hair.

PRP is Versatile

You do not only use PRP for hair treatment only for your scalp. You can use the method to restore facial hairs. You will get positive results at the same time, increase the brilliance of your skin. It is a double win since you get desired facial hairs and improve the skin texture.

Gives Long Lasting Results

Since the process uses the body’s natural healing process, the results will last longer. S long as you keep your scalp and skin healthy, you will enjoy the results for a long time.

It Boosts your Self Confidence.

PRP hair treatment has an immediate effect on your hair and skin. PRP treatment helps your scalp to revive dormant follicles and create new strands on scarce parts. Thus, you wear a healthy crown and skin, thus, boosting your self-confidence.


There’s hope in hair restoration through PRP hair treatment in Los Angeles. The treatment method is simple and affordable. The benefits superseded other treatment methods. You can also use it as a supplementary method for hair transplant.


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