Best Clippers For Men – Buyers Guide and Reviews

Part of the grooming that plays a big role in a man’s presentation is hair. A clipper helps in trimming hair for a better outlook. When selecting the best clippers for men, key things to consider are the cost and what you need from the product.

Upon settling on these two key factors, narrowing down on a specific one that serves you best becomes less challenging. However, not all expensive clippers for men are great. Checking for more details about the product, its capabilities, and offers associated with the clipper should be considered.

The length of the cord is another factor as this majorly determines the ease with which to move around. For versatility, you should keep a note of the attachments included with the best clippers for men, the speed of the motors for customization and modifications. Extra blades should be provided to cater for razor breaks or damage. Furthermore, the design should offer comfort and good experience when using.

When shopping for the trimmers and clippers for men, as with any product being purchased. A warranty plays a vital role. Needless to say, all the other features are key to consider but a warranty increases the value of the product in that, if you get problems, rectification is done without incurring further cost.

Men who need a serious and professional outer look need to use these products. They offer such functions as hair trimming, motors can be adjusted for detail trimming. Further functionality extracted from a clipper is mustache and beard trimming, nose and ear hair trimming. These functionalities though are dictated by the attachments which decide their usability for specific functions.

Choosing Best Clippers For Men

When choosing the best clippers, the major factor I keep on the lookout is the price. The price goes a long way in determining the type of clipper I use. Following closely is the comfort and experience I get from the clipper. Summing it up, with a warranted product, I can take it back if I do not like what I get.

Wahl Professional

best clippers for men
Classic 76

best clippers for men
Wahl Color Pro

best clippers for men
Finishing/blending bald fadesPowerful, single speed universal motorSelf-Sharpening Precision Ground
Foil and cutter bar assembly, guard, wall plug chargerIncludes blade guard, lubricating oil, clipper grease and cleaning brushComplete Set - color coded (11)
Cleaning up hair and neck lines Size 1 and Size 000 Blades Included.Self-sharpening, precision ground blades stay sharp longer.
Rechargeable cord/cordlessUltra-durable, break-resistant housingColor Coded Guide combs makes it easy to find the right guide comb size.
1 year warranty1 year warranty
5 years warranty

1# Wahl Professional 5-Star

For a man shopping for the Clippers, top of the list is the Wahl Professional 5-Star. This clipper was designed for a professional barber. The many attachments accompanied offer versatility to a greater degree. However, watch out for the weight, might not be comfortable over long usage.

Wahl Professional 5-Star


2# Classic 76

Second is the Classic 76. This clipper was designed to last. It has two self-sharpening blades with much of the attachments intended for maintenance and safety. Suffers from la ack of replacement blades as they are sold separately.

Classic 76 clippers

3# Wahl Color Pro

Wahl color pro is designed with different colored combs to facilitate variable length cutting. The different combs allow experimenting with different styles.
Coming in fourth place is the Andis Master designed with style and durability in mind. Comes with a limited warranty and is very lightweight.

Summing up is the Wahl Lithium Ion which is battery powered. This product was designed for maximum convenience. However, this product’s drawback is its battery which takes longer to fully charge. In addition, you can not remove its head.

Wahl Color Pro Trimmer Clipper

When settling for the best clippers for men, most of the product determines the basis for choosing a suitable product. After that, compare the products within your cost and settle on one that suits your needs best.

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