Complete guide on beard transplant and how much does it cost?

Do you love stylish beards? If yes, you’re not alone. Many guys who are not bearded envy that beautiful hair around the face. Leave alone guys, you will find many ladies who are attracted to men with beards.

But one thing for sure is, growing beards is not as simple as missing a razor and leaving nature to have its course. Stubble won’t grow uniformly on your face and that results in patchy facial hair rather than your dream stylish beard. But that shouldn’t worry you since a beard transplant can give your facial hair a new lease in life.

Some genes don’t allow the growth of a beard. If you are one of the guys who have inherited such genes and you love a hairy face, all is not lost. You can acquire facial hair of your style and dream through a beard transplant.

Once you visit your surgeon, the first thing the specialist will do is to examine your skin and hair to ensure you are a good candidate. You will then have to decide if the beard transplant is worth the expense. But ensure to find a qualified surgeon who will give you beard the desired lifetime.

Beard Transplant Procedures

Have you decided to undergo the beard transplant process? Keep it in mind that hair will be plucked from one part of your body and implanted to your jawline or any part of the face where you would love to see beard grow.

Mainly, two techniques are involved in beard transplant. You may opt for follicular unit extraction (FUE) or choose follicular unit transplantation (FUT).

In FUE hair transplant, your surgeon will harvest complete follicular units one after each other from donor areas. Then, he extracted hair is transplanted to all areas where facial hair is required.

Many prefer this procedure because it is less painful and takes short time to heal. Besides, no big scarring risk involved compared to a FUT hair transplant.

When it comes to the FUT beard transplant procedure, the specialist will cut a small strip of tissue from your body. It’s mainly from the back of your head and then the hair follicles are harvested for transplant. Big scarring will be occasioned by this medical procedure.

Both FUT and FUE beard transplant processes will help to give the facial hair you desired. The techniques may harvest close to 5000 hair follicle grafts but can be even more than that. After harvesting such hair follicles, your surgeon implants them on your face and the journey to grow bears begins.

Key Beard Transplant Steps You May Be Interested To Understand

Extraction of follicles

Whichever method you pick between FUE and FUT, your specialist will begin to shave the part of your head where harvesting will be done. That clearly shows hair follicles. The surgeon will use a local anesthetic to protect you from feeling pain during harvesting or implantation. So, no need for you to worry about any kind of pain from a beard transplant.

Implantation of hair follicles

This is a critical step in a beard transplant. When your surgeon is done with follicle harvesting, the next action is to inject the areas on your face where the implant will be done using a local anesthetic. Each follicle then is implanted onto your facial skin. That will help to shape your beard according to your style and taste as agreed before the procedure.

The recovery process after the beard transplant

Depending on the method you choose for a hair transplant, it will determine healing time. But the FUE method takes short time to heal. All in all, you may require some days to recover from beard transplant surgery. Some small crusts may arise around every newly implanted hair follicle. But that shouldn’t worry you since it flakes off in a few days.

For around one week to 10days after beard transplant, you can begin shaving normally. Your beard will be ready for trimming. But keep in mind that the new beard hair may fall after two-three weeks. Nothing to worry about it since that’s normal and your new beard hair will start growing.

Who is the best-suited candidate for a beard transplant?

While you may be a beard lover, not everybody qualifies for a beard transplant. Hair follicles will be extracted from the back of your head. So, you must be having healthy follicles in such areas. Your surgeon will examine the scalp to ensure if you got enough follicles for a beard transplant.

If you have other medical conditions that may risk your life, you may not be the best candidate for a hair transplant. Ensure to be open to your doctor for the best advice. When you are not fit for the beard transplant procedure, your specialist may recommend another suitable treatment.

How to tell if a beard transplant has been successful

It doesn’t matter if you chose FUT or FUE, after 3-4 months of implant, the follicles should be steady in place and growing well. Besides, you will tell if the beard transplant procedure was a success if 8-9 months your facial hair will be full and your beard is healthy enough to be treated as though it has been there all along.

Any of the beard transplant techniques between FUE and FUT will give you natural-looking beards. But bears resulting from FUT appear to be fuller. Is it your objective to have a thicker looking beard? You can consider undergoing the FUT beard transplant process since more follicles are extracted when a strip of your skin is removed.

Home care instructions after the beard transplant

  • Avoid all activities that result in sweating or strenuous physical activities
  • You should not use a hot tub or sauna
  • Get rid of smoking
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight
  • Never undertake swimming until recovery is over
  • Take antibiotics for your face and scalp as directed by your specialist.
  • Keep cleared your face and where follicles were harvested.

Anticipated beard transplant side effects

  • Crustiness or temporary scabs
  • Numbness
  • Tightness
  • Redness
  • May result in swelling
  • Scarring of donor areas

What beard transplant may cost you!

Being a cosmetic procedure, being a transplant may not be covered by insurance. Ensure to inquire about financing options since the procedure isn’t cheap. The cost beard transplant may go up to 15000 USD but will depend on several grafts you require. If it’s a partial implant and filling facial areas that don’t have hair, you may pay between 3000 – 7000 USD. It’s good to discuss the cost with your surgeon during the first consultation.


A Beard transplant will give you facial hair your dreams. But seek treatment from an expert for the best results. The cost of the procedure varies based on the number of follicles you will need but isn’t that cheap. If you can agree on the cost and how you are going to pay with your surgeon, it will be a great idea.



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