Cordless Hair Trimmer

Also termed as hair clippers, cordless hair trimmer is the new creation for cutting and/or trimming hairs. It gives human hair in a more distinct result than what normal scissors do and hair razors. This is best for those who love styling their hair on their own and also a great tool for hair stylists.

If you think hair trimmers are doing a great job in overtaking one’s hair styling to a whole new level, then try the cordless one of these valuable items. Cordless trimmers make it more handy and accessible to carry around. These are best used for those who love to travel and take their hair styling routines with them. It has benefits that are way more beneficial than the normal hair trimmers or clippers.

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Some of the best cordless hair trimmer


cordless hair trimmer

cordless hair trimmer

cordless hair trimmer
Integrated adjustable combUltra sharp blades deliver performanceEasy and precise cutting every time
Lightweight clipper is easy to handleRechargeable dual battery systemFits comfortably in your hand
Rounded blades and comb prevent scratching40 minutes of cordless clippingBlade is extra-wide for fast haircuts
Used with or without a cordConvenient washable designused corded for maximum versatility
Blades require no oilingPredictable cut with every use40 minutes of cordless runtime

1# Philips Norelco QC5130

Philips Norelco QC5130

Known for being easy, reliable and precise, the Philips Norelco QC5130 is guaranteed to be one of the best cordless hair clipper or trimmer you will find. It’s rounded blades and adjustable combs that come with ten length settings which make the cutting and styling experience more comfortable. This feature also helps in preventing the accumulation of scratches in the hair. This is one of the few hair trimmers that could be used for kids because of the absence of loud motors and makes it super quiet compared to the other hair trimmer brands. In terms of maintenance, Philips Norelco QC5130 is handled easily because of its self-sharpening blades that don’t require the use of oil or other lubricants. This also comes with a tutorial DVD that contains tricks and tips on cutting different hairstyles.

Being loved by many users, its durability and effectiveness have never failed. Thus, having Philips Norelco QC5130 hair trimmer is an affordable deal and a great addition to your hair styling regimen and tools.

2# Braun Cruzer 5 Hair Clipper 1 Count

Braun Cruzer 5 Hair Clipper 1 Count

Manufactured by Braun and is labeled to be the ultimate cordless hair trimmer, one of its pros is that it has a reliable power and a convenience of without having so many additional accessories. This is completely washable due to its completely sealed body that prevents the entering of dust and water and serves you the hassle of complicated cleaning and maintenance. The Braun Cruzer 5 Hair Clipper 1 Count has a dual battery system that is powerful enough to cut even the toughest hair and also provides a 40-minute running time, cordless. It’s impressive and secured blades offer a performance without being compromised for the comfort. It has a StyleLock system that has eight settings that style perfectly different hair lengths.

Rated to be one of the best hair clippers by many buyers, Braun Cruzer 5 Hair Clipper 1 Count is surely a hair styling one shouldn’t miss.

3# Remington SCC-100 Short Cut Clipper

Remington SCC-100 Short Cut Clipper

From the name itself, Remington SCC-100 Short Cut Clipper is the ultimate shortcut clipper or trimmer must have. It has a bi-directional cut which means that it cuts in two directions. It is also a lightweight hair trimmer and comes with multiple blade lengths. However, the usage of Remington SCC-100 Short Cut Clipper in long hairs is not much of an advice.

Because of its blade design, it is best suited for cutting hairs that are not longer than a millimeter or two and this works best on a shorter hair that only needs maintenance. Thus if you are looking for the best cordless hair trimmer for maintenance, this is surely the best pick you could have.

Final Verdict

Spending a sum of money for these hair trimmers is not something one should be afraid of. With the great features and benefits, it gives cordless hair trimmers are surely not something to be missed off.

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