Easy Tricks To Add Layered Halo Hair Volume

If your hair is naturally fine and flat, you can use layered hair extensions to solve the problem without harming your hair. Use extensions for volume and fall in love with the variety they provide. If you thought extensions were only for length, think again. Hair extensions are a great method to give your flat hair some volume.

The best part about using hair extensions is utilizing them to solve specific problems, such as adding length, volume, or color.

Halo Couture is one of the only high-end extensions manufacturers that offer extensions in lengths beginning at 14 inches, so regardless of whether you have long hair or short hair, you may find lengths that work for you. You don’t have to buy a lengthier length and then spend money cutting it.

If you lack volume in your hair, keep reading to learn how to utilize halo layered hair extensions to push your locks.

Make Use Of Layered Hair Extensions To Add Volume To Your Hair.

Layered Hair Extensions To Add Volume
Add in those layered hair extensions and achieve instant volume in your hair

The best and simplest way to add volume to your hair is to arrange it in lovely curls. Use a curling wand, an automatic curler, or even a hair straightener to get the desired curls. This curling method also helps with blending.

Make Use Of A Volumizing Weft.

Make Use Of A Volumizing Weft
Add volume and slay voluminous hair

If you have fine hair and a full set of extensions would be too much for you, use Halo Couture’s Signature layered hair extensions. This one-piece, four-clip weft halo extension will add natural-looking volume in a moment.

Make Use Of Volume-Enhancing Styling Products.

Volume Enhancing Styling Products
Enhance volume with volume enhancing hair products

Why not take advantage of the various items on the market that are specifically designed to give you that va-va-voom effect? Aside from the obvious effect, these materials also help in extension installation. Providing a grip for the extensions to adhere to. As an added plus, they can aid in blending by preventing your hair and the extensions from falling apart. When putting extensions, use dry shampoo, but you can use whatever product works best for your hair type.

Consider Having Your Hair Trimmed.

Trim your halo extensions
Trim your halo extensions

If you have halo layered hair extensions longer than your hair and only want to utilize them for volume, consider trimming them to match your hair length. You can do it at home, but we recommend consulting with a stylist to ensure you obtain the desired effect. Aside from providing natural-looking volume, reducing the extensions to match your length aids in blending.

Clip-In Your Hair Extensions Upside Down.

Halo hair extensions
Halo hair extensions for that ultimate volume in your hair

Clipping your halo hair extensions upside-down may appear not easy, but it is not. This is a terrific suggestion, especially if you want to wear your hair up and add volume to it. Place the clip-in upside down against your roots, rather than flat on the hairline as you normally would. That’s it! You should obtain a lot of natural-looking volumes!


Hair extensions are versatile, and there are several ways to use them for volume. Create that ideal natural-looking volume in your hair with halo extensions and slay beautiful fuller looking hair with confidence. We hope that you found these tricks of layered hair extensions useful that we have mentioned above.

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