Enjoy Beautiful Hair by Embracing a Regular Hair Care Regimen

regular hair care

Today, around the world, media and print advertising in the fashion industry often display models (both men and women) blessed with exceptionally rich, shining, well-cared for hair. Yet despite the popularity of shampoos, conditioners, and other beauty products directed towards creating lustrous locks, experts report many consumers still don’t practice consistent hair care regimens. They sometimes select these products at random, focusing upon brands designed to address specific concerns, such as reducing split ends or preventing premature hair loss.

The Importance of Developing a Regular Hair Care Regimen

One company hopes to persuade consumers to embrace a more systematic, consistent approach to the selection of hair care formulations. Jeunesse Global, a direct sales firm founded in September 2009 by the team of Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, wants to change the way men and women approach caring for their hair. Considerable evidence suggests the firm has already begun making waves in the fashion industry. Its development team envisions a complete hair care protocol. This regimen seeks to help maintain a healthy, comfortable scalp while nourishing the growth of abundant, beautiful hair.

During its comparatively brief history, Jeunesse Global has already enjoyed spectacular success in network marketing. The name of one of its most popular health and wellness lines aptly sums up the company’s iconoclastic approach to hair care: RVL Reveal Advanced Hair Care System. The system relies upon a holistic set of complementary and synergistic hair care formulations. These proprietary brands offer not merely a one-time hair “treatment”, but instead seek to promote the development of healthy, well-maintained hair and skin over the long term.

Input From Medical Experts

The RVL line of products owes its inspiration to work conducted by Dr. Nathan Newman. The creator of the formulations now marketed internationally through Jeunesse Global received advanced training in the field of dermatology. A Board Certified physician, he currently maintains a plastic surgery clinic in California. He has garnered acclaim for his cutting-edge work in regenerative medicine and stem cell research.

When Dr. Newman informed them he had developed a comprehensive hair care system, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis paid close attention. They began marketing the RVL Reveal Advanced Hair Care System when they launched Jeunesse Global. Today, these specially formulated hair care products serve as one of the flagship offerings in the popular health and wellness company’s innovative product lines.

Developing a Popular Hair And Scalp Care Protocol

The RVL Reveal Advanced Hair Care System relies upon the repeated use of a specially formulated shampoo and conditioner, plus the regular application of a gel designed for scalp support. These compatible products function in a synergistic way. Jeunesse Global has prepared an educational video describing the correct application methods for these products. The company encourages its customers to incorporate these items into a regular hair care and beauty regimen.

A few of the ingredients included within this comprehensive hair care system include Flaxseed oil, Roselle, and Jojoba oil. Scientists consider Flax seed an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. Roselle, an fragrant extract of Hibiscus, also supplies many antioxidants. Jojoba oil derives from a Southwestern desert plant. Within the cosmetics industry, many people view it as a humane alternative to whale oil.

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