How To Get Voluminous Hair

How To Get Voluminous Hair

The voluminous hair trend took bloomed back in the 80s. Safe to say that after almost four decades the trend stays strong and looks like it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Who doesn’t love volume when it comes to hair right? But sometimes it is not possible for some people to have it naturally because of stress, lifestyle or maybe it is just genetic.

“Well, enough with the problems what is the solution?” One might ask. Well, there are multiple options through which you can bring back the volume in the hair naturally. If you can afford and are ready for cosmetic surgery then go for it but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea right? So here are some tips on how to get voluminous hair naturally and without any hassle:

Get Your Protein Intake

Protein is the building block of the body as you might already know. But if we are being specific then protein has Keratine in it which is building block of human hair. So, first of all, having a protein-rich diet helps in repairing the current damage to the hair and then promotes growth.

Protein Rich Food

For vegans, the options are limited yet many. Like tofu, almond milk, nuts, etc. If you are afraid your diet won’t reach the protein requirements of yours then plant-based protein is the best option as it gets the job done, it’s tasty and is completely vegan.

For vegetarians, they can have what vegans are having as well as stuff like milk, curd, cottage cheese, etc.
For the non-vegetarians readers, the options are quite infinite as eggs, chicken, seafood, etc are a really good source of protein!

How Much Protein A Day?

There is no such formula to calculate as to how much protein one can have but the one formula that people have been using and is closest to the scientific recommendations is here:

Calculate your weight in pounds and then divide it by two. The amount that is resulted will be your daily protein intake in grams.

If you are involved in physical activity regularly then you may increase it but this is just average od what you should be having.

Manage Your Stress

manage your stress

Stress has reported been experienced by every nine adults out of ten at some point in time. In fast-paced lives like ours, it is easier to be stressed than have a good time. Be it the work or personal life or anything for that matter it is said to result in stress once things go wrong. This ultimately leads to hair fall which mockingly results in more stress.

There are certain ways that you can tame your stress to very very extend if it is the cause of your hair fall. For most people, this is the reason for their health problems in general.

How To Manage Stress

Stress management can be done in many ways but it entirely depends on what is the root cause. You have to analyze first. If your lifestyle, in general, is pretty stressful then you can try meditation as it is said to have many benefits apart from reducing stress in general. Exercise relieves stress too by the release of the hormone endorphins which contour the effects of stress. Endorphin is also observed to be released while we do something that we love doing, let’s take one of your hobbies for instance.

Take Proper Care Of your Hair

Take proper care of your hair

Some people unknowingly damage their hair in the name of hair care by using techniques that are not suitable for their hair type. So here are some of the ways through with you can take proper care of your hair:

  • Don’t over-wash your hair as over washing them leads to stripping them of their natural hair oils and hence the frizz and dryness which furthermore leads to hair damage and weak hair. Before you even realize it, your hair is falling at an alarming rate and there is nothing you can do about it.
  • Use some nourishing hair masks to repair your hair or use lukewarm coconut oil as a mask.
  • Aloe Vera gel is also said to promote growth. Mix it with some tea tree oil to clear scalp off all the buildup.

Hair Extensions

If you are someone who just cannot wait for the hair to repair and want the instant results we have got your back! Hair Extensions are one of the best options for people who are obsessed with long and voluminous hair. In a few seconds, you can have your dream hair and no one can really tell if these aren’t your natural hair. If you buy some of the best Best Hair Extensions then it is safe to say that no one will be able to tell if it isn’t your natural hair as they blend beautifully with your original hair.

One of the best things about hair extensions is that they can be customized according to what a customer wants. Customization can be anything from a hair cut to hair color to the texture of the hair totally depending on what the customer wants. So if you say that,” What if I don’t find hair extensions for my hair and they end up looking fake.” then there is no way that it’ll happen.

What Kind Of Hair Extensions Are Best?

hair extensionsIf you want the hair to look natural while wearing the extensions then go for the Clip-In Hair Extensions as the blend with the hair pretty naturally. They are very easy to use for even beginners. Also if you want to highlight and style them according to your natural hair.

But if you plan on going for the synthetic hair extensions then go for the ones that are heat friendly. As the normal ones do not get styled that easily, they go back to their normal natural pretty quickly.

Now that you know that it takes very easy and simple steps to get that good old volume back in the hair then go ahead and try them out yourself. These are pretty simple to do and they don’t really cost that much but get the job done very easily.

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