How to grow a full beard naturally in the Right Way?

Having a great beard is the dream of every man, but not everyone gets the desired one. You may also be among the one who wishes to have a full and thicker beard, but unfortunately, you didn’t get the one. So, in this article, we are going to help you to how to grow a full beard naturally in the right way.

The reason behind it could be either the lower quantity of your hormones that are responsible for beard growth or you are not growing your facial hair properly.

However, you cannot do much about when you lack the hormones needed to grow a full beard naturally or have a genetic issue. But there is much more to do when you do not have genes or hormonal issues still; you are not getting it right.

The growth of facial hair depends on numerous factors, which is essential for you to understand whether you are growing it for the first time or else you want to have a full and thicker beard.

Let’s know the whole thing about beard growth. As discussed, that beard growth depends on many factors and goes through different phases let’s discuss them in detail.

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Understanding the phases of beard growth naturally

All the hair growth follows a growth pattern and goes through three different stages-

  • The anagen phase

The anagen stage of the hair growth represents the growing stage. During the phase, the cells in the roots of hair follicles develop rapidly, which lasts from two to six years or even more. The sources divide continuously in the anagen stage, and the hair strands grow a half-inch per month or more. However, the length of the anagen phase depends on your DNA.

  • The catagen phase

This is the shortest stage of all three steps and known as the transitional part of the cycle. During the phase, the hair growth stops, and the hair strands become separated from the hair follicle and get attached to the skin. Also, the blood supply to the hair cuts off. The hair in the catagen phase stops growing entirely and becomes inactive during the stage. This step lasts from two to three weeks.

  • The telogen phase

The new hair pushes the old hair out and causes it to fall off during the telogen phase. While the old hair sheds, the hair follicles return to the anagen stage to start the growth cycle. This is the stage that lasts for two to four months.

Factors affecting to grow a full beard naturally

As discussed above, other than hormones and genes, many factors affect your facial hair growth. Following are the aspects that are important to enhance beard growth-

  • Genetics

The amount of facial hair you will have depends on your genes. The genes will determine the color, coarseness, and length of your facial hair. It will not assure you that you have a similar beard or hair like your father or grandfather.

  • Age

Your age will help to determine the rate of your beard growth. The males begin to develop facial hair at the age of 13, and between the ages of 25 to 35, males experience the fastest growth of beards. However, as they grow old, the growth rate of their beard tends to slow down.

  • Hormones

Testosterone and DHT are the two essential hormones that are necessary to promote your hair growth. The man who has higher levels of these hormones experience an increased level of facial hair growth than those who have lower levels of hormones.

  • Diet

A healthy diet that includes protein, vitamins, calcium, and all other necessary nutrients increases facial hair growth chances. When you face slower growth of your facial hair, try sticking to a diet filled with protein and all other essential nutrients. A diet without protein can make your beard hair strands brittle and weak.

  • Exercise

A good exercise regime will help to boost the level of the hormone that is needed for facial hair growth. Exercise helps to stay active and consume energy. Some of the weightlifting exercises promote an increased level of testosterone, which encourages beard hair growth. A combination of exercise and diet will increase the growth rate of facial hair.

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How to Grow a Full Beard Naturally?

  1. When you are ready to grow a full beard naturally, follow the below things-
  2. Aim a goal for how long you want to have your beard.
  3. When you start developing, use some beard oil and balm to reduce itchiness from the face.
  4. Keep patience as your facial hair needs around 30 days to fill in.
  5. Promote the rate of your beard growth by getting enough exercise, diet, and sleep.
  6. After 1-month beard growth, trim your neckline above your Adam’s apple.
  7. Use a boar bristle brush to shed the dry skin beneath the facial hair.
  8. Grab a scissor to trim away the stray hair that is growing longer and uneven.
  9. Take care of your initial beard growth and maintain a beard care routine.

Some Common Myths Regarding Beard Growth

Mentioned below are some common myths about beard growth-

Shaving makes your beard grow faster

It is the most common myth that can be heard from every other person. However, the reality is that shaving will not make the beard grow faster or thicker. Only a man’s genetics and hormones level will do so.

Beard growth oil or serum works

The beard’s growth is not dependent on beard combs, oils, serums, or any other medicinal products. However, specific vitamins such as biotin can improve beard health but will not improve the quality of genes or hormones.

Beards are not for summer

The reality is that beards protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Beards are dirty

Although beards trap dust, dirt, and food particles, they can be removed by thoroughly washing it. Following a beard care routine includes cleaning and conditioning the facial hair using a beard specific shampoo and conditioner.

Beards are itchy

In the initial stages of beard growth, you can feel excess itchiness and dryness on your face, but that doesn’t mean it remains forever. Using a beard oil and beard balm will moisten the skin and reduce the itchiness.


Growing a full beard naturally needs a lot of patience and care, and when you do it the correct way, you can get better results. From the initial phase of beard growth, you need to maintain and care for your facial hair. And for that, you need to use beard care products that help in beard growth. Also, you need to follow a healthy lifestyle to get a good quality of facial hair. Once you achieve the desired beard, don’t forget to maintain it with a regular beard care routine.


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