Best Pubic Hair Trimmer for Men and Women – Buyers Guide

A few years back shaving pubic hair or pubic hair shavers were thought as a ‘sexy’ tip to do, but those days are gone. Nowadays shaving of pubic hair is recommended by most hygiene experts as it enhances one’s personal hygiene. For many men & women who want to be comfortable pubic hair trimmer or shaver is most likely to become a part of their hygiene and beauty regiment. Various brands now offer pubic hair shavers and they are available in beauty stores.

Public hair trimming with incorrect devices can be irritating. Whether you want to be smooth or have a bit of hair; you require a trimmer that’s secure to utilize and has a lot of functions.

Since you have attempted manscaping is a lot more sensitive parts, you recognize it can be hard not to damage on your own. So the body groomers develop to target hair anywhere listed below the neck– private parts consisted of. With attributes like durable batteries, several guards in various sizes, and also shape innovation, these tools will undoubtedly make it simple to maintain your body hair in control.

If you are thinking about cutting your body hair or hair at a lot more sensitive private parts of your body,

you must search for devices developed particularly for the work. You would not desire any margin for mistake when a blade is working “there,” would certainly you?

We listed a wide range of best pubic hair trimmers from the leading brand names. This article is for you if you do not have a good trimmer for individual part hairs.

Quick Summary

Cleancut – ES412YESYES50 M0.15
Remington PG525
YESYES70 M0.22
Braun Silk-epil 9NOYES40 M0.39
Philips BG2040/49YESYES50 M0.22
Panasonic ER-GB40-SYESYES50 M0.13
Norelco 7100YESYES60 M0.22
Philips HP6378YESYES60 M0.11
Panasonic ES246ACYESYES80 M-
Quattro TitaniumYESNO-0.10
Panasonic ES2216PCYESYES30 M0.16

How I Selected Best Pubic Hair Trimmer


You desire a quick trimmer with a lot of power, such as one with a 4,000 rpm electric motor. The much more efficient the electric motor, the much less getting and also annoying cutting you’ll experience.


An essential factor to consider you require to maintain in mind is the Sharpness of the blades. The trimmer must have sharp edges, rounded and hypoallergenic.


What you pick is your choice, naturally, yet lots of professionals claim to avoid the cord and also opt for a cordless version rather. Why? Since a tool with a cord limits your movement when doing the trimming of such a sensitive area.


Since a cordless trimmer is your ideal alternative for cutting your pubic hair, you need to beware not to allow your battery down during trim. Nobody like’s a work done half in this situation, so your best choice is to select a device that has excellent battery life.


To get the information about the durability of any specific trimmer, you must check reviews and testimonials of others, consisting of a third-party item, to see how a particular trimmer stands up over constant usage.

The products I selected were on the basis that the trimming should be safe, painless, easy and it must be time-saving as it is expected to be a weekly ritual. Personal trimmers or shavers selected here are designed especially for the intimate most parts of your body and helps you trim or shave pubic hair without the risk of cuts or nicks.

10 Best Pubic Hair Trimmers

1# Cleancut ES412

Top Rated Pubic Trimmer for men and women by cleancutClearcut says that its ES412 electric razor is the initial razor ever before developed for pubic hairs. Whether that holds true or otherwise, we do not have any logic to question them.

  1. Good Trimmer

It’s likewise amongst one of the most useful tools you’ll get for generally trimming– whether it’s females cutting their swimsuit lines or males and females shaving their underarms.

  1. Fast Electric Motor

Initially, it has a fine electric motor that offers sufficient torque to reduce your part hairs great as well as fresh, every time. The blade setting up is excellent since you’ll like exactly how the blades slide.  On the opposite hand, its foil brings all of the hair with one another which offers a beautiful trim.

  1. Battery Power

The battery-powered ES412 has a unique, round layout that supplies simple ability to move when cutting your pubic hairs and its occasionally hard-to-reach parts. The trimmer’s design is ergonomic and nicely fits right into the hand; nevertheless, you desire a protected, comfy hold when you’re cutting around your sensitive private parts.

  1. Guidance By Clearcut

Clearcut suggests that you cut much longer hairs before reducing the remainder with their brand. They likewise advise using a little powder before your trim to make sure that the skin is entirely moisture-free, also, to clean the internal blade and also foil after every time use.

Many customers indicate for the general high quality of the ES412, just how it leaves their skin irritant-free while giving the sort of regular trim that makes it excellent for the pubic area.

  • Among the initial pubic hair trimmer
  • Good for delicate skin
  • Exceptional building and construction
  • Does not function well on longer hair


2# Remington PG525

best pubic area trimmer by RemingtonThings like eight add-ons that cover every aspect of your requirements, a bid trimmer, a foil razor, nose trimmer, ears, and also various other great information, a vertical shaver (about which we’re specifically curious), a hair clipper comb with numerous size setups, and also extra.

In other words, if you require a device that can cut the hair every area of your body, after that the Remington PG525 is one to think about. We believe it’s a top trimmer for trimming your pubic hairs.

  1. Comb and Blades

a 3-length adjustable comb for shaving body hair.

Despite exactly how you pick to make use of the Remington PG525, you’ll have good medical steel, sharp blades. The blades function especially useful in “tidying up” smaller body parts, although some customers claim you should not utilize it for full shaving work. It stands out as a trimmer, nonetheless.

  1. Water Proof

Outer parts of the trimmer are water-proof and also very easy to clean. Keep in mind: Remington PG525 body is not water-proof.

  1. Battery Life

The PG525 has a 70 mins battery time when it is fully charged. An indicator signals you about battery level status. A warrant for PG525 is for two years. The Remington PG525 is one more inexpensive shaver that offers you a great deal for the cash. It has numerous usages that make it extremely flexible, yet we believe it is just one of the much better body shaver readily available.

  • Outstanding body shaver having the 3-length flexible comb
  • Great for many shaving tasks
  • Exceptional blades
  • Isn’t as great for shaving thicker hair than a few other electric razors

3# Braun Epilator Silk-epil 9

Best pubic/bikini hair trimmer by Braun Epilator The Silk-épil 9 collection is the current collection of epilators from Braun. Being the most up to date design, the Epil 9 integrates the most recent improvements. The head is 40% bigger than previous versions, therefore, it can get rid of nearly two times as much hair in the same quantity of time.

The Braun Silk-Epil 9 includes bigger, much longer as well as deeper tweezers.  Which removes even the small hairs that wax can not capture.

  1. Massage therapy system

With vibrating energetic resonances – for an additional mild epilation.

  1. Rotating head

Efficiently adapts to body shapes for remarkable convenience and performance.

  1. Dry or wet

Functions in bathroom or shower for a much more comfy epilation.

  1. Smartlight.

It exposes also the finest hairs and also sustains detailed hair elimination.

  1. Durable battery.

Fully charged in just 1 hr for 40 mins of usage.

  1. Select speed.

2 Speed setups according to your own skin kind.

  1. 100% water immune

Conveniently clean under running water, easily utilize in bathroom or shower.

  • Braun’s Finest Epilator
  • Micro-grip Modern Technology To Capture small Hair
  • 100% Water resistant, Damp, and also Dry Usage
  • Smart Light
  • Offered With Various Accessories
  • It cannot be made use of while connected in
  • Not a budget plan epilator


What Is available in Package?

  • Accessories– make note of which accessories are consisted of. They range a swimwear trimmer as well as a styler. Some designs additionally consist of scrubbing brushes for face and also body.
  • SensoSmart Innovation– is an overview of how to handle the pressure while making use of the epilator. It comes in handy if you are brand-new to epilation however not totally needed.
  • A  cord, storage space bag, and also cleansing brush.

4# Philips Norelco Bodygroomer BG2040/49

best electric trimmer for shaving pubic hair by Philips NarelcoPhilips Norelco has great deals of hair elimination items and also the Bodygroom 2040 is one item to get rid of all kinds of hairs from a person’s body. If you desire a clean-cut look and also you have skin issues, the Phillips Norelco BG2040/49 might take a focus.

It can shave and also trim all over in your body like chest, shoulders, back (completely dry or damp).

  1. Top-quality and functional designs

The products likewise look really wonderful, with silver plastic that appears like steel and also extremely grippy rubber inserts on the sides that prolong on the whole size of the groomer.

  1. Accessories

Upon opening up the box you’ll be welcomed by the adhering to things:

  • Philips Norelco BG2040 groomer
  • Stand for charging
  • Adapter
  • Brush for cleaning
  1. Battery life and charging time

The Li-Ion battery inside the razor ought to supply adequate power for 50 mins of usage. In the method, I located this insurance claim to be quite exact, as well as battery life, which was strong.

  1. Cleansing

Being entirely water-resistant, the cleansing procedure entails getting rid of the cutting head and removes it with cozy water.

  1. Substitute components accessibility

Philips Norelco advises transforming the cutting foil head yearly. Depending upon just how usually you utilize it, you’ll possibly escape even more than that.

  • Excellent develop top quality
  • Totally water-resistant
  • Integrated Trimmer with a flexible comb
  • Cheap substitute heads that last a long period of time
  • Can just be charged by means of the standing battery
  • The flexing of the cutting head is aggravating throughout usage



5# Panasonic Trimmer for Men / Women ER-GB40-S

best electric pubic trimmers by Panasonic Panasonic Milano shaver, ER-GB40-S is specifically for the beard as well as mustache cutting that features 19 various flexible accessories. It matches flawlessly for both completely dry and damp use and operates without cord for an hr.

Cutting blades are fabricated of steel leaving no corrosion after several times of use and also cleans. The 19 various flexible setups help for best beard cutting, forming, reducing as well as outlining.

  1. Sharp Blades of Stainless-steel

Various other Shavers, Panasonic Milano, has not just the blades yet likewise of really incredibly sharp for regarding forty-five degrees that supply ideal bordering cuts and also shaves. Its blades sustain comfy for both damp and even completely dry stubble cut and shaves.

  1. Operation of hair clip

The package is flawlessly made to sustain both completely dry and damp trims, as well as cuts, leave no cuts. For a single minute, it functions undoubtedly excellent with its remarkable hair clipping procedure offered inbuilt.

  1. Dial is changeable

This electric shaver features a flexible dial of 19 setups with half mm relevance to supply a person comb add-on leave them not be alter whenever. The considerable fact varies from 1 to 10 mm for clipper brush up as well as brush down; this attribute certainly assists a person substantially trim on the upper body, arms as well as even more.

  • Very small, can be into a pouch and have less weight
  • It features rubberized hold for optimum convenience
  • The Battery lasts for 50 mins.



6# Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7100

Best rated hair clipper and trimmer by Philips Norelco 7100

This all-in-one ultimate Philips Norelco Bodygroom trimmer 7100 comes with a contour-following shaving head and an integrated trimmer. Hair can be trimmed conveniently as the shaver is quite flexible. No need to worry about nicks and cuts while trimming long or short hairs with a single stroke.

This product is also considered the best seller in the market as the best pubic hair trimmer. On Amazon, it is rated at an impressive 4.2 stars out of 5.

Let’s have a look at the features:

  • Hypo-allergenic foil shaver and patented pearl tips offer excellent body comfort; Comes with five different length settings, making the trimmer effective for various body parts hair lengths;
  • The 3D pivot shaving head aligns with the contours of the human body to give a delicate shave and zero irritation;
  • Has rubber striped grips on each sides providing efficient control;
  • The battery is good and gives 1-hour cordless use after 1 hour of charging, 10 minutes of quick charge offers ten minutes grooming time;
  • Designed specifically for shaving or trimming of chest, abs, legs, underarms and private parts;
  • It can be used wet or dry due to the water-resistant casing and materials.


  • May cut a bit closer
  • Replacement parts are costly

7# Philips HP6378

best pubic and bikini area hair trimmer by Philips HP6378

This awesome Philips pubic hair trimmer kit allows users to trim, shape, or removes any unwanted hair in inner parts. This trimmer is both for women and men and has superb attachments with one hour of cordless activity with one charge. On Amazon, it is rated at 3.8 out of 5 stars. 50% of customers who bought this product have given it five stars.

The hair trimmer features include:

  • Hypo-allergenic foil best suited for sensitive and hyper-smooth skin;
  • Precision trimmer helps to trim very short hairs comfortably and precision epilator gives long-lasting smoothness;
  • Both wet and dry use;
  • Has beauty accessories like illuminating tweezers, travel bag, and exfoliation glove;


  • Attachment height is a bit long for a closer trim.

8# Panasonic ES246AC

Best pubic hair trimmer by Panasonic ES246AC

Panasonic hair trimmer and shaper helps to remove unwanted hair easily. Its 5-position guide helps in grooming or trimming and reduces razor bumps, to deliver pain-free trim. It is rated 4.2 stars on Amazon.

The Hair trimmer features include:

  • Razor bumps and irritation is avoided by the five-position trim head
  • Hypo-allergenic blades are best for sensitive body part;
  • The angled trim head makes trimming a smooth operation;
  • Better metal casing and solid feel than another pubic hair trimmer.


  • Bit noisy

9# Schick Quattro Titanium

Schick Quattro Titanium pubic hair grooming designs

Schick Quattro Titanium trimmer comes loaded with amazing accessories and features needed for pubic hair trimming. It consists of titanium durable blades for maximum reliability and performance.

The Hair trimmer features include:

  • A pivoted head having four blades gives a precise shave;
  • The four titanium blades stay sharp longer and shave without irritation;
  • Waterproof razor with a contoured rubber handle gives a comfortable shave;

10# Panasonic ES2216PC

Editor Choice Hair Trimmer by Panasonic ES2216PC

This hair trimmer is also a best-seller because of its amazing features and affordable price. This is fully immersible, you can shave during your bath with lather for a refreshing and also perfect for longer or stray hairs.

The hair trimmer features include:

  • Has 4 pube shaver heads to trace body contours to offer smooth shaves
  • Has versatile usage for underarms, legs, and other private areas
  • hypo-allergenic gentle blades are very skin-friendly
  • light, slim and beautiful design
  • Cordless mode offers one hour to 30 minutes of battery life


  • May snag hair if a battery is low
  • A bit low on running time than other lady pubic trimmers


How to clean and maintain a pubic hair trimmer

Periodically, your hair shaver might appear plain or is not trimming hairs it did previously. You can repair this by cleansing your shavers after every usage. This makes sure the blades remain sharp and also no rebellious hairs block the device. By maintaining them free from hairs, you can be confident your hair shavers are prepared when you are.

  1. Eliminate the part that saves the hair. Some versions of hair trimmer keep the removed hairs inside a small area, so they do not drop all over the sink and also flooring. If you have among these versions, vacant the area out over a trashcan to remove all the hair.
  2. Use Brush to carefully removes all the hairs. This clears out one of the most noticeable resources of hair as well as dust on your clippers.
  3. Get rid of any guards on the steel blades. Take a grip on them very carefully, and afterward hold the trimmer, unplugged it, over the sink.
  4. Utilize the blade brush that featured your hair clippers to thoroughly comb the blades to loosen up any hair or dust captured within. If you no more have the brush, make use of an old toothbrush for the very same objective.
  5. Making use of a little gauging mug, put little, 1/4 mug quantities of scrubbing alcohol on the blades as you grip the trimmer on the sink. You ought to see dirt, as well as hairs, fall in the tub on each pass. When the alcohol runs clear; your trimmer is free of dust.

Reasons you need a best pubic hair trimmer

While numerous individuals expect their relaxing trimming regular, various other males are afraid the method for a variety of factors, from delicate skin to a short of time. This is why electric razors have climbed in appeal, supplying numerous features and also advantages that a damp cut can not offer. Below are a couple of excellent factors to include one (or even more) to your toolbox.

  1. They conserve your valuable time.

As the tale goes, the initial electrical razor was developed by Colonel Jacob Schick, after a lot of lengthy as well as freezing cuts on a UNITED STATE Military station. He mainly developed them to conserve you time: You do not ever before needing to trouble with water, soap, or brand-new blades.

  1. They shield delicate skin.

Whereas blades scratch and also harm your face, electric razors slide over the skin. That suggests no possibility of cuts, much less irritability after each pass, as well as no unpleasant razor melt when you’re done.

  1. You can man-scape with self-confidence.

A razor never feels even more hazardous than when it gets on a place you can not see. The good news is, an electric razor can strike anywhere on your body without the hazard of nicks.

  1. You wíll keep your stubble patches.

Every guy’s obtained his preferred patches in between barefaced and also hairy. Remain specifically where you wish to with a collection of electrical clippers, which allow specific control over the size of your bristle.

Final Verdict

It is a must to use the best pubic hair trimmer for trimming unwanted hair. All the trimmers in the market consist of a shaver, easy to handle, made of hypo-allergenic materials, and can be used in bathrooms. Designed for both women and men, these trimmers are easy-to-use, and selecting the best trimmer is tough.

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