How to style a chic look with braided wigs

There are many reasons to use a braided wig, but the most obvious one is to make you more beautiful and fashionable. Carefully select the cutest braided wig for you, and the effect of modification will surely make you satisfied. If you experience the extraordinary effect of a girl’s hair binding, the effect will certainly amazing you. The other style can also be better embodied, and the eye-catching personality style can also be better reflected. The unique scenery of girls’ hairstyle can be dazzled, but braided wigs can better reflect the exotic style of girls. They can also help you get rid of the monotonous style and present a different style of hair combing, which makes you stand out from many people’s ordinary hairstyles and make other girls envy you. So how to use braided wigs to create a chic look? Let’s have a look!

Things you need to pay attention to:

1. How to choose the right product for you?

In appearance, a good braided wig’s braids are generally done very evenly, the thickness is consistent, not when thick and thin, also will not skew; A slight change from coarse to fine is acceptable, but absolutely not from fine to coarse.

In terms of texture, different methods have different textures. The texture of the cross braid is vertical, while that of the loop braid is horizontal. A good braid wig has a particularly natural texture, and the appearance is clean and tidy, not hairy.

You can also tell it by a soft touch. When you touching a good braid wig, it feels very soft and slightly elastic. It can be bent and shaped at will, and have lightweight.

The most important point of a good braid is that it can keep its shape permanent. After a long time of scrubbing, it is only slightly dry, and its shape is still very stylish.

2. How to wear braided wigs properly?

Curling iron.

Before wearing the braided wig, you can do some simple treatment to your original hair, so that your hair and wig can be better integrated, you will never want to let others see that your fashionable hairstyle is actually a wig. You can trim your hair to make it the same length as the wig. If your hair is straight, the curling iron is also a good tool for you, because straight hair and braid fusion directly maybe looks a little unnatural.

Cleaning and care.

Careful cleaning and care of your wig can make your wig stay with you for a longer time. In daily wear, remember to comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb to avoid knots. When you take it off your head, put it on a special wig rack. Remember don’t fold it. Cleaning your wig regularly, you can also add special care fluid so that your wig maintains toughness and luster.

Dye it.

You may wonder if wigs can be dyed. The answer is that wigs with human hair can be dyed, but the requirements for hair dyes are relatively high. So I suggest that you can buy your favorite color directly. General chemical fiber wig is not dyed, because that not only damages the wig, reduces its life, the effect is also not very good. When you dye your wig, you should remember to spray some water to cool it down, otherwise, it will damage the quality of the hair. Don’t dye the hair root for two centimeters, and don’t dirty the inner net!

Dress matching.

The braid hairstyle is a swag style, so you should be cool in terms of dress matching, and try your best to choose a more eye-catching style. For example, we all know that the classic black leather clothes have a locomotive girl’s style with a low-key cool feeling. Accessories can also choose a little more ostentatious style, make you look full of life and character. No one would say no to such a handsome girl. Braided wigs have little to do with beauty, the key is the combination of temperament and clothing style. So if you want to try a braid wig, you must think it over carefully!

Popular braided wigs:

1. Goddess locs

Goddess locs

This kind of braided wig is almost the most popular one. It was made up of neat braids, and the end of each hair was curled up by a hot process. It looked very plentiful and stylish. This style was the best choice for the girls who pursued a sweet temperament. It was very chic, beautiful, and lively at the same time. When using this braided wig, you can put your hair over your shoulders or wear a high ponytail to look young and energetic. I believe that you are as beautiful as a goddess with this goddess locs braided wig.

2. African locs styles

In many films and TV works, you can see those cool African girls with this African locs hairstyle. Now with this wig, you don’t have to envy them, and you can easily have the same beautiful hairstyle as cool African girls! You can braid your hair along your scalp and wear it with a ponytail. This hairstyle is naturally enthusiastic and unrestrained. It’s very convenient to take care of the compact braids. The length of this braid is generally not too long. Choosing this African locs style wig in summer will be cool and keep your neck fresh all the time.

3. Faux locs

This Faux Locs is very American style. Compared with traditional braids, American braids are more flexible, more natural, more roots, more dyeable, and concave. This braided wig is also called a twisted braid, it was made up of two braids, and entangles two strands of hair tightly. Its texture is particularly dynamic and fashionable. Choose this hairstyle to a certain extent can increase the mass of some hair, because it is very fluffy, with an abundant sense of air. For this hairstyle, Spread your hair out can get a better effect. You can choose the length freely, long hair or short bob style both are good choices for girls.


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