Top Classic Haircuts for Men That Will Make Heads Turn

Classic haircuts for men will never be out of fashion. Besides, many traditional haircuts make men feel on top of the world and, best of all, women feel attracted to them. Barbers from all around have created new styles that resemble a modern twist. 

Some of the more popular hairstyles are comb-overs, slick backs, side parts, and pompadours. These classic haircuts adopted modern styles. One may compare it to the best makeup foundations for women as it also manages to stay up to date with modern trends and requirements. 

Just about everyone knows what a taper, fade, or scissor cut is. 

However, there is nothing wrong with getting a clean haircut that just works for most men. Not everyone is in favor of a fade or having the perfect line up. 

Follow along as we provide an overview of classic men’s hairstyles that can be adapted to match most modern haircut trends.

Classic Haircuts for Men

Modern Classic Hairstyles

There are hairstyles for men that will never lose its popularity and always be trendy. The style we are referring to is traditional and facilitated men for centuries already. It makes them appear smooth and easily attracts women. Talented barbers adopted this modern classic style and added a few contemporary twists, such as comb overs, side parts, pompadours, and slick backs. 

Old-School Hairstyle

This kind of hairstyle trend never faded and is even favored by school-going boys. One would recognize it as a neat, short haircut without sacrificing your desired length. After all, it brings back memories of various historical eras while it accommodates certain medium to long length based hairstyles. Modern versions of this particular style breathe new life into conventional styles. Barbers of note would try their hand at usual cuts like sharp, slicked, and shined-up. 

Short Haircut for Bearded Men

Having a beard is the essence of masculinity. Short haircuts with a beard ensure an entirely different look. Say, you possess a long beard, then it would be a brilliant idea to have your head shaved. 

On the other hand, you could work towards maintaining a short hairstyle. There is no question about it that sporting short hair with a beard will grab the attention of females. The only way to find out is to try it. 

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is an incredible choice for men nowadays. It is the type of cut you can tackle on your own. This hairstyle is very low-maintenance and pretty much a get-up-and-go haircut. Every barber knows it to be one of a kind clip hairstyle. Men who work in the military would usually sport this kind of haircut. There is no disputing the fact that this style is very basic and easy to execute. 

Skin Fade Slicked Back Hairstyle

Slicked back hairstyles have been prevalent for a long time already. These are similar in nature to most classic hairstyles. The slick skin fade back haircut has reemerged to become a contemporary style that is favored by many. To achieve a more modern hairstyle, one needs to merge the fade haircut over the sides of your head. The sides would take the form of either a low, medium, or high cut to something that accommodates medium to long hair. 

Formal Hairstyle that is Golden Brown

The color of your hair is one way to make sure you are on top of your game. It serves a very important role in the way you look in both casual and formal settings. Of all the colors around, golden brown has the ability to help one attain the freedom needed to enjoy your new look. It is particularly striking in that it conceals various flaws on your face. Sporting a golden brown hairstyle is regarded as the best style to make a man look handsome and polished. 

Undercut that features a Classic Pompadour

Currently, the Pompadour is among the newest haircut trends for men. It received an overwhelming response the year before and will continue to do so. Businessmen and other personalities have all been trying this type of hairstyle. Your regular pompadour is a short haircut on both sides of your face. Your hair is swept up and towards the back of your head with this style. An undercut is applied right before the pompadour technique. 

Slick Back Hair Featuring Highlights

This classic haircut for men is reserved for guys who want something more than just the conventional cut. Somehow it remained popular for many years until now. The contemporary approach taken by barbers with the slick back haircut stays the same in that they can make use of a huge palette taken from different sides or even choose an undercut or fade to adorn one’s look. 

Men Quiff

This is the type of haircut that made a name for itself as one of those iconic hairstyles that elevates a person’s look. Right from the 1950s, this style earned its place within the hall of fame. For decades, many barbers have received requests for this cut. What comes to mind is the coming together of different styles such as the short back and sides hairstyle, the French crop, the mohawk, and the pompadour. All these were spliced together. It is the kind of hairstyle that can be adapted to a range of ages, facial features, and personal preferences. 

Thick Wavy Hairstyle

A lot of men seem to favor a thinning haircut and often overlook a cut that is just as gorgeous, namely something that is thick and wavy. Besides, baldness shouldn’t be their only consideration. What makes this style so unusual is its unique structure. Cuts are mainly applied to dense and thick hair. This is the type of haircut that is ideally suited to men who boast curly locks. 

It sure is worth your while to try different classic haircuts for men as you can look forward to a unique style that is favored by many. Best of all, you will turn heads and experience confidence with hardly any effort in terms of maintaining your hairstyle. Furthermore, you can be assured that the classic hairstyle you opted for will carry over into next year’s trends. 

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