What are shower steamers? How do they de-stress and detoxify the body?

Ever since the days of early man, humans have been taking a good shower to keep clean and hygienic and also to refresh themselves. With time, bathing has evolved right from dips in a river or a pond to amazing and relishing jacuzzis. It has evolved from using natural soapnuts to beautifully prepared soaps that have soothing fragrances. Just like this, another add-on to the revolution of bathing includes the shower bombs and bath bombs. Here is all that you crave to know and understand why shower bombs are as essential as your soaps, shampoos, and body wash.

What shower steamers are?

Call them ‘shower steamer bombs’ or ‘shower steamer tablets’, they all are the same. They are fizzers that fizz out when they come in contact with water to give out the fragrances of essential oils. They come in various fragrances and various colors. Some of the bath bombs are made out of natural ingredients while some have a chemical composition. Nevertheless, choosing a shower bomb with natural composition is a better option for you. Shower bombs are different than bath bombs as bath bombs are restricted to bathtubs only, but shower bombs are kept on the floor to let the aromas fill in your bathroom.

How does one use a shower steamer?

The very first impression of using a shower steamer to anyone is that they need to apply it over the body and allow it to fizz out. This is wrong. You need to take a shower steamer tablet after you finish bathing and place it under the tap on the floor. Make sure you do not place it under the direct water, but away a little away so that the direct force of the water does not come on it. After this is done, you will see the shower steamer bomb fizzing out as the water, falls on it and as the tablet fizzes out, you get to witness the beautiful fragrance that surrounds you. Stay in the bathroom for a couple of minutes until you feel completely relaxed and relished with the pleasant odor that is around you.

What is the composition of a shower steamer?

You would be surprised to know that the chemical-based shower steamer tablets have a huge list of ingredients printed on the label of the pack. All that it takes to get out the best shower steamers is sodium bicarbonate and the choice of essential oil that gives out fragrance. Many of them prepare this at home and use it too. It needs no chemicals, but your time to prepare it. You will find many of the natural shower bombs in the market too. This saves the time that you invest in making the bombs.

Shower Bomb

What kind of fragrances could you find in shower steamers?

Shower steamers are meant for soothing and relaxing your mind and this comes in different odors and fragrances. There are a hundred flavors and many textures that you could find in the shower steamer bombs. The best of all is listed out here.

Lavender – The color and the fragrance are both appealing to the eyes and nose. Lavender oil that is used in the shower steamer turns aromatic as the shower bomb fizzes to give you a serene atmosphere.

Lemon – You can find citrus fragrances such as lemon, lemongrass and even orange in the form of shower steamer bombs. These fragrances give you the right boost to start your day. It also calms the nausea feeling in pregnant women and soothes them completely.

Rose – You could use the shower steamers tablets and cakes made out of rose essentials to set your mood and aura right on a romantic night. The color of the shower steamer and the sweet fragrance of rose is all that you need.

Peppermint – The peppermint oil is a stress buster and has a lot of proven benefits on humans. Using the shower bomb fragrance that is given out with the tinge of peppermint oil in it. This is another go-to shower bomb steamer aromatherapy fragrance that you should not be missing to try out.

What are the benefits of a shower steamer?

You would be wondering why a shower bomb is important in the busy days of life. Here are the benefits of it unraveled for you.

  • Stress buster – The first advantage of using a shower bomb steamer in your bath sessions because of its properties to calm the mind. Fragrances play a drastic role in keeping one’s stress hormones in control and with the help of the shower steamer tablet even on a hurry-hurry day, you make sure that you destress in a very calm and soothing way.
  • Mood setter – The different fragrances that the shower steamers come in different fragrances – each for a different mood or an occasion of yours. Starting from the citrus fragrances to boost your mood and the peppermint fragrances to burst your body and headaches to the soothing lavender or rose fragrances that just makes you light and happy, each of them turn to be the best mood setter for you.
  • Detoxification – Just like the different fragrances, many of the shower steamers come with the goodness of Epsom salt. Epsom salt is a natural detoxifier and helps in taking off the toxins for your body.
  • Aromatherapy – The one last benefit mentioned here is the use of it in aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is not just restricted to the massages given at the body spas. You can create the same aromatic vibes around you with the shower bomb steamers that are made with the goodness of natural oils that lets its fragrance linger around to soothe you.

Here is the complete knowledge of the bath steamers for you. They come in a pack of 6, 12 or 24 different fragrances and flavors. Shower steamer tablets can be a great idea for you to gift someone too. Spread the love for steamers and spread vibes of positivity all around you.

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