5 Best Wooden Beard Combs 2020

Women across the globe are very particular about grooming. They choose appropriate skincare products, makeup kits, and grooming tools, including hair combs and brushes. In today’s world of modernization, men have also become inclined towards proper grooming and etiquette. They are no more negligent about their looks and as far as a clean scalp and thick mustaches are concerned. Even men prefer effective and hygienic grooming products, creams, and gels like women. Due to the awakening of the significance of grooming amongst men, the comb industry has developed various combs and brushes suitable for men. One such innovative and valuable product of the comb industry is the wooden beard comb.

Currently, there is a growing trend of men keeping beards. Men prefer to keep beards of different types such as half-shaven beard, full-faced beard, French beard, and even longer beard. Some keep it as a sign of masculinity, some have it due to the latest fashion trend, and some are lazy enough to go for a full shave. Considering it as a recent trend, men need to maintain it healthily. For this purpose, the wooden beard trimmers and combs come to the rescue.

Out of all kinds of best beard combs in the world, the reason to choose a wooden comb would be because it is immensely advantageous for maintaining a beard. While picking up an appropriate comb, low costs do not always play a significant role. A comb should be attractive enough for use, durable enough, and soft for the hair. Wooden combs last for a longer period of time and are suitable for the beard hair.

Here are some advantages of using a wooden beard comb

These combs come with wide teeth –Beard hair is thick and coarse. If a narrow-teethed comb is moved along the beard hair, there are chances of entanglement and breakage. As wooden combs have wide, soft teeth, they move through the beard hair easily.

These combs offer massage on the hair –Wooden combs do not cause skin irritations. In fact, these combs stimulate hair growth as the blood flow accelerates.

These combs absorb the natural oils –The wooden combs have the capability to absorb the beard and face oil and distribute the same evenly.

These combs have a long life – One does not have to buy a wooden comb frequently as it has a long life.

These combs do not generate static electricity – One of the significant advantages of these combs is that it does not create static electricity when rubbed on hair.

If a question pops up in a person’s mind why to use a beard comb and not a regular brush, we have the answer for you. The beard hair is extremely different from a person’s scalp hair. If one uses the same comb, then such a practice is likely to cause infections and affect hair growth.

We thought it necessary to provide you with a list of the top 5 wooden beard combs. We have analyzed the varying preferences of men while choosing an appropriate beard comb. On the same side, we have also browsed good shopping portals to check the latest collection in wooden combs and trimmers. Since we absorbed the importance of using these combs, we choose only these combs in our research. So, here is the list of reviews from which one can pick the right comb.

Quick Summary

Wooden Beard Comb by Percy Nobleman

BEAKEY Wooden Beard Comb Pocket Comb

Icomb – Wooden Beard Comb

Wooden Beard Comb & Case

Mr Rugged Wooden Beard Comb

A comb for lifeComb has both thick & thin fine toothHandmade from natural green sandalwood100% natural sandalwoodEach beard comb sold by Mr Rugged
Comb is not small and gimmickyNatural green sandalwood mostly is brownFish-shaped solid hardwood with smooth finishLight fragrance of fresh sandalwoodBeard comb straightens growth
Made from Tropical Pud WoodSandalwood fragrance always keeps with youMedium tooth combDecrease breakage and damage to the hair.Reduces itching and irritating
It doubles up perfectly for your hair tooYou can use it to comb your hair or beardPocket comb for beard and hairPrevents your hair from dryingwon't snag growth or cause static damage
5 inches long and 2.5 inches tallIts dimensions 3.78 x 2.32 x 0.29 Around 4.75" length x 2" widthMeasures 4" x 2.5" x .25"Around 5.5 x 2 x 1

Top 5 Beard Wooden Combs

1. Wooden Comb by Percy Nobleman

Best wooden beard comb by Percy nobleman

Available in the right size, the comb by Percy Nobleman is perfect for beards of all sizes. The prominent advantage of this comb is that it has a long life. The teeth of this comb are soft and glide smoothly on the beard hair. Creating no static impact, this comb will leave the beard look fabulous.

2. Beakey Beard Pocket Comb 

Best wooden pocket comb by Beaky

If one is looking for a wooden beard comb that has thick and thin teeth, then this one is the best product. As it is available in an easy-to-carry size, one can carry it in the pocket and travel anywhere. Men can carry it to work or travel overseas. This comb has a mesmerizing fragrance of sandalwood. So, the aroma will always accompany you wherever you go. One can use this comb for scalp hair as well as beard hair. Hence, this dual-advantaged wooden comb is a must-buy for men who are keen on effective grooming.

3. Icomb

Made in USA wooden comb by Icomb

Looking for organic combs? Then, this product is the best one. Created out of natural and organic materials, this comb is best suitable for those who want to keep their beard intact. This comb has a dual purpose as it can also be used for combing hair. Hence, when a person buys this comb, it becomes multi-beneficial for hair grooming needs. There is no need to buy and carry a separate comb for hair. Easy to carry and highly durable, this comb is available in a fish shape. It carries a sandalwood aroma and does not break when dropped down.

4. Striking Viking

Wooden or plastic beard comb by Striking Viking

This comb from the manufacturers, Striking Viking, is excellent to give an attractive and full look to one’s beard. It does not damage the beard hair. On the other hand, it accelerates and maintains hair growth by evenly absorption and redistribution of oils. For an easy-to-carry purpose, this comb comes with a case. Hence, one does not worry about losing or misplacing it somewhere. Created out of sandalwood, it has a nice fragrance and is highly durable. If you are looking out for a wooden beard comb as per your travel requirements, then this will be a perfect choice.

5. Mr. Rugged

Small comb for beard by Mr. Rugged

Another creative and valuable product in the range of wood beard comb is the Mr. Rugged combs. It is not only prepared elegantly, but it also promotes hair growth. It is soft and smooth on the beard hair without damaging the hair follicles. It removes the tangles easily without much of a hassle. The manufacturers have created this product out of natural wooden substances, and hence, it is worth buy. Men who are in need of a comb that will last even after long-term usage can pick up this product, and include in their grooming kit.

Thus, if someone is looking out for a perfect beard comb, then the above-mentioned beard combs would be excellent choices. A person needs to try a few products until they find the most appropriate one for themselves. It is recommended not to ignore the significance of a wooden beard comb and use it diligently. Hence, a person should make optimum use of such innovative and valuable grooming tools.


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